Believe it or not there are a few reasons women cheat that are fairly common. The rub is that many of them are not the first reasons that come to mind. Once you understand why she cheats you might be able to prevent it from ever happening or at least prevent it from happening in the future if she’s already cheated.

Some women cheat a part in them is left unfilled by their partner.

It’s not because of the other guy’s nice body, better

car, or sweet smell even when sweating. They cheat because he fills a need that isn’t being met.
Women want attention, respect, appreciation, romance, time, touch, intimacy, and a sympathetic ear. That’s what women are. She needs to know you’re on her side and that you’re going to be there for her. If she doesn’t know this there may be troubled waters ahead. But, each woman is different.

Be vocal about the wonderful job she’s been doing for the family. Think of all the little things she does that makes your life easier, better, and more enjoyable and thank her for them. Men must say “I love you” not just by checking the air in the tires, changing the oil in the car, and providing a safe home for the women they love. She’ll love you all the more if you tell her and won’t find another man that can hold a candle.

There’s little you can do to prove that you’re not cheating other than make every effort to be where you tell her you’re going to be, answer the phone when she calls (as long as she’s reasonable with when and how often she calls), and tell her often how much you love and appreciate her.

If your woman has cheated you might realize, after the fact that you want to get your ex girlfriend back more than anything else. There is hope to repair the relationship.