Breakups happen. That is a fact of life. However, many of us could be helped if we could recognize the warning signs of a breakup. The good news is that the following article will help you to do that. By recognizing the warning signs, you may be able to deflect the breakup and keep it from occurring. At the very least, you may be able to save yourself some shock and heartache.

The first sign you need to watch out for is a breakdown in communication. If your boyfriend or girlfriend stops calling you as frequently as they used to, if you two are talking less, then you definitely need to take notice. Communication is an important part of a relationship. The lack of it should set off alarm.

People often become overly critical when they are losing interest in a relationship. If your significant other seems to be criticizing you a lot lately, then that should definitely set up alarm bells. In a way, they are trying to distance themselves emotionally from the person they are about to leave.

Fighting is another key sign that there are a lot of problems in the relationship.

This is especially true if you and your partner do not fight a whole lot and all of a sudden you are constantly fighting. However, this does depend on how you two interact normally; if you fight all of the time anyway; just make sure you pay attention to exactly what the fight is about.

Not spending as much time together is always a warning sign. If your partner does not seem to have time for you any longer, then you should definitely be hearing alarm signals. It is possible that he or she has found someone else to hang out with instead of you.

Your partner? appearance can be a warning sign as well.

If your significant other starts making drastic changes in appearance, then he or she might be preparing for a life change. Dyeing the hair or changing makeup is not necessarily a sign, but a complete makeover can be. These are the top warning signs of a breakup, so watch out.