Basically everyone knows that the hardest date you could ever have after a breakup is the very first one. You’re feeling vulnerable, your heart’s been cut into teeny tiny pieces, and your self confidence is at its all time low. Of course, there’s no need to hurry things up. You can take your time while you’re still mending. However, nobody said mending a broken heart should only be done alone. You can always go out and meet new people while you’re trying to put yourself back together.

Asking somebody out can get a bit scary though. You might get too spooked thinking she might say no. Well, she might. But she could also very well say yes. Just having the guts to get up, come over, and ask somebody out is already a huge boost to your ego. You might not have that point of view yet, but in time you’ll understand what such a gesture can do for your self-esteem.

You don’t want your first date to be an effort to find the replacement love of your life. It should be an opportunity to get to know someone and decide if a next date is in the cards. Make this as “low pressure” of a date as possible to make so that you aren’t worried about rebuffs, rejections, or getting kicked to the curb as the night wears on.
Lighten up. Don’t psyche yourself out by imagining things that may or may not even happen. The more pressure you place on yourself, the more likely you’re going to be so scared of actually showing up. You’ll just be sitting in your car, trying to get up the courage to pick her up and failing miserably. So how can you create the perfect first date without making yourself sick with apprehension?

Good question.

Answer: make the date fun. A second date is more likely to happen when both parties have fun on the first date. Stop trying to make everything perfect. Fun is not perfect. Just go with the flow and make sure you’re having the greatest time possible.

This can get a bit tricky, though, as every person has a different idea of fun. You might think watching ducks swim at the park is a perfect example of a jolly good time, but she might find it boring and will opt for high-speed car chases and leaping off tall buildings. Find a middle ground and start from there. Something that is calming, like duck watching, but exciting as well, like bungee jumping.

If you’re both having fun it’s unlikely that either of you will want to put an end to the fun all too soon. On the other hand if she’s miserable, she’s going to want to put an end to your fun real soon and have you drive her home. The biggest secret to success though about making your first date after a breakup a rip roaring success is to make that date one that is fun for everyone.

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