If you live a fair distance from your significant other and you’re only seeing them on holidays, weekends or vacations – you’re in a long distance relationship.

The distance apart can be especially hard on those who like to see their partner every day.

Although the opposite is true for others, who enjoy time apart and feel it makes them appreciate the reunion even greater.
Many long distance relationships usually end fairly quickly, one way or another. Some people may find the distance apart too difficult and want out, while others will decide to move nearer to each other to make things work.
In long distance dating, couples often rely on the weekends to visit each other where possible. They take any opportunity to be together.

However, in some long distance relationships that’s not an option. When that happens couples rely on vacations and holidays to see each other. They take advantage of every available opportunity.
Take advantage of specials on air flights or programs offering airline miles or free tickets to get together if you are in a long distance relationship.

Couples can also utilize phone, email, text and other methods to keep in touch when traveling isn’t always an option.

For those who crave an in-person connection with their partner, long distance relationships can be hard. They find themselves longing together but the distance keeps them apart.

But sometimes the opposite is true. Some couples find the distance apart a refreshing break. They use it to center themselves and complete tasks that would distract from their partner if they saw each other on a daily basis. In that way, when they are together they can focus all their energy on each other.

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